It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of my great stallion. There were complications with colic surgery. He carried some of the oldest bloodlines still alive in the breed today as well as the sabino/splash color gene. He was a very special boy to me and I am devastated that I have lost him. This is very heartbreaking to all the lives that Beau touched. He will forever be remembered as a very gentle, kind and gorgeous 100% foundation and 100% Sweet's stallion. RIP my boy I will always miss you and cherish all our wonderful time together.

97 :Our Senior Stallion is 100% Sweet's bloodlines. 
Beau is a beautiful charcoal sabino with flaxen mane and tail, a perfect blaze and 4 stocking feet. He is a true WWF stallion. Beau is a wonderfully gentle stallion. His very laid back personality, extraordinary intelligence and fantastic work ethic make Beau a true pleasure to own and use. This Sweet's bred stallion has a tremendous old foundation pedigree with many lines going back to the rare and unusual Herod horses and has 17 crosses back to the famous Jubilee King. Beau is extremely athletic, level headed, correct, strong and easy to train. Beau has proven to be a confident trail horse and is in training to show in the Dressage ring. Beau is a popular guy who already has offspring in New York, Georgia, Nebraska and here in Colorado. Almost all have the wonderful flashy coloring as well.

OLD WAYS BIMBEAU May 11, 1997 - July 2, 2015  T-Bone Bimbo x Sweet's Jada Babe