100% Hay Replacement
It's not a pellet, it's not a dry hay, it's the closest thing you can get to fresh pasture!
Fresh cut Premium Alfalfa in a 50# bag
After a lengthy, detailed inspection Chaffhaye is now a Certified AFIA Safe Feed Facility!! 
The Chaffhaye Advantages over baled hay. 100% (Leaves and Stems) Consumption-less waste Nutrition remains consistent  Available year round  Tender & more palatable than baled alfalfa  Optimal health through enhanced nutrition  Total Digestible Nutrition (TDN) 68% plus  Nutritionally equivalent to 80-120 lbs of good quality hay
Less Manure
Reduces vet bills from respiratory issues caused by dust
Reduced risk of colic as pasture like feed.
 Stores outside, no barn needed
For more product information, please visit:www.chaffhaye.com
HERE'S HOW IT WORKSChaffhaye is fresh forage that captures the key qualities of a natural pasture. Harvested at the peak of its nutritional goodness, Chaffhaye is packed in airtight, weather resistant, 50 lb. bags. In the bag, Chaffhaye undergoes a natural fermentation that "predigests" the forage. This process makes Chaffhaye very palatable, highly nutritious forage that can be stored outside. It's not a pellet, it's not dry hay, it's the closest thing you can get to fresh pasture.
Majestic Trail Ranch is very pleased to be Colorado's Distributor of Chaffhaye. Give us a call and we can share our experiences with you.You will see the difference Chaffhaye makes.